Rosie 7 Biscotti Brown
Rosie 7 Biscotti Brown
Rosie 7 Biscotti Brown
Rosie 7 Biscotti Brown

Rosie 7 Biscotti Brown

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Biscotti Brown ankle boot in matte rubberized eco-leather

Shipment from 8th of November

Cylinder toe | 100 mm heel | Made in Italy 
Biscotti Brown
100% Biscotti Brown Leather
100% Leather 
100% Leather Cow
100% Abs Biscotti Brown in matte rubber finishing

35 5 2  34
36 6 3 35
37 7 4 36
38 8 5 37
39 9 6 38
40 10 7 39
41 11 8 40



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