I'm an Unabashed Lover of Luxury—37 Gifts I Immediately Oohed Over

by INDYA BROWN - DEC 2, 2021

There are good gifts, and then there are great gifts. Some thoughtfulness and a little bit of taste can go a long way in becoming a great gift giver, but a healthy cash flow surely helps too. If money is no object this holiday season, you'll want to keep close tabs on the list below.

Because we're all for keeping the element of surprise, here's a suggestion: Skip the gift cards and perusing the wish list this year, and go for gifts that really speak to their personality. And if in doubt, a wrist full of shimmering gold or a trendy Prada bag will never not elicit a wide smile.

Whether it's for the person who has everything or for the picky person with highly discerning taste, you'll find something here that's sure to delight. Even with a more modest budget, I've included a few stunning under-$150 gifts that don't skimp on luxury. 

Gia Borghini Marte Leather Boots ( $596) $447

With a dash of trendy and a dash of utility, there are so many ways anyone can style these boots.