The Fall 2021 Shopping Guide: Where to Buy the Biggest Trends of the Season


Neutrals and minimalistic dressing have dominated fashion for some time now. While that isn’t exactly over, all of the saturated colors on the runways have left no question about the collective sense of optimism in the air about where fashion is headed and what we’ll be wearing. According to designers such as Jacquemus, Bottega Veneta, and Salvatore Ferragamo, that means really leaning into vibrant colors like fuchsia, grass green, and tangerine, to name a few. It’s really less about the specific color and more about committing to seriously saturated shades. 

No matter what your comfort level is with saturated colors, we’re confident that you can add them into your wardrobe this fall. If you’re easing your way into brighter hues, statement shoes are an easy way to inject a fun pop of color into a look. The next level up? A bold poplin shirt, which we’d recommend wearing in this season’s oversize proportions, or a dress that takes on a rainbow of bold colors from violet to electric blue. If you’re really ready to commit, wear them head to toe for maximum impact as we saw on the runways.


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