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13 Things Pernille Teisbaek Would Buy Again

The Danish power influencer has a new creative role with Gia Borghini, an eye for rare vintage, and an affinity for cargo pants.

To be one of Pernille Teisbaek's 1.2 million Instagram followers is to be immersed in a minimalist dreamscape whenever she crosses your feed. The Danish influencer epitomizes the clean lines and effortless cool of Scandinavian style. She also has a rare gift for making Mango suiting and vintage Chanel look equally luxe.

Now that Teisbaek is creative consultant at Gia Borghini, embedding her signature look into all our wardrobes is that much easier. The stylist and designer is taking her relationship with the brand to the next level by, "creat[ing] styles that are very wearable and long lasting—the same way I approach my personal wardrobe," she tells BAZAAR.com. "We really want to make sure the styles are easy to integrate in your wardrobe every season." The new gig comes after four previous Gia Borghini footwear collabs, including the lug-sole boots that dominated street style last fall. "Since the beginning of our partnership, her focused way of working has taught me to approach each new project with a direct, concise vision," Gia Borghini founder Barbara Borghini says of Teisbaek. "It was clear to all of us at Gia the value she could bring on a deeper level.”

Teisbaek's style is ultimately about pieces that last. (And yes, she's an outfit repeater.) "I spend a lot of time researching vintage, classic pieces that we know have longevity and I reuse my items over and over again," she says. "I think it’s important to share how I reuse my wardrobe and experiment with styling rather than introducing many new pieces that I only wear once." For pieces we'll want to wear just as much, Teisbaek lined up her Lucky 13 picks for a considered wardrobe ahead.

Perni 11 Leather Sandals

Gia Borghini x Pernille Teisbaek

"Probably the most comfortable sandal I’ve ever worn. I can’t wait for the new colors to drop from my collaboration."

Gia Borghini

Leather Thong Sandal

"This is one of my absolute favorites from the SS22 collection. I expect I will be using them a lot during summer."

Gia 3 Padded Leather Slides

Gia Borghini x Pernille Teisbaek

"I love the puffy details on the padded slides and all the colors they come in. We were really thoughtful about the assortment."